People have now had a taste of working remotely, will this new found freedom become the norm?

Depending on your personality you may either be thankful that Covid forced a lot of people to work from home or not. Some people thoroughly enjoy going into an office to carry out their work responsibilities. The others have been wondering where this style of work has been their whole lives. As the pandemic seems to be nearing an end, many companies have begun implementing a re-entry strategy for their employees.

Over the course of the pandemic we have seen an overwhelming rise of e-commerce and online retail stores and businesses. Business owners having to pivot to that model to ensure survival has been critical. While employees are being placed between a rock and a hard place with deciding to stay home or go back to work, they see an opportunity to support these businesses in their new endeavors while staying home.

Virtual Assistants are necessarily a new idea, they are however gaining a new popularity as of late. Their proven flexibility and freedom are enticing to these individuals who have amassed decades of experience in their respective fields. Realizing that they can not only stay at home with the kids, cater to an ill/aging loved one, or save on associated vehicle costs and make a very attractive wage seems like a no brainer.

Business owners are intrigued by hiring virtual assistants due to the versatility of having highly skilled team members without all the added cost and liability tied to it. With VA’s typically being an independent contractor position, it allows the business owners to save on traditional overhead. Depending on the business the owner wouldn’t have to provide any office space for them to work in, workmans comp insurance, or internet and other services that would normally be needed to keep an office running.

By hiring already skilled virtual assistants, the business can run completely on its own while providing potentially infinitely more possibilities for people all over the world. The owner is no longer limited to a specific geographical area to find skilled candidates, they now have a vast pool to pick from. You want a bookkeeper who has automotive accounting experience? You need a coding wizard to assist with your website building? A master at copy who also knows Google Ads and can tactfully answer emails? The business owner now can find exactly what they’re looking for without having to sacrifice. One thing verses the other.

Same goes for the virtual assistant. Want to help a single mom manage her booming home and decor e-commerce business? You love adapting to the tonality of a business owner to help them write blogs about their manufacturing operations? There is no shortage of areas that a VA can assist any kind of business online or not.

It doesn’t look like online business is going anywhere anytime soon. If anything, we may only be scratching the surface of it. People have seen behind the curtain and are becoming aware that they can put their skills they have to use and achieve full autonomy in the process, while earning a decent livable income at the same time. If you’re considering a career change that might better fit your lifestyle or needs, now seems like the perfect time to become a virtual assistant.

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