You may have heard the term Virtual Assistant and think “I don’t need one”. You might not realize how valuable they are in many scenarios.

If you’ve been online for any length of time you may have heard of the term virtual assistant. Many individuals, thanks to the pandemic, have had to find ways to shift their lives around whether they were in business or not. As many more aspects are now entering the online space, virtual assistants are becoming more and more in demand.

First, let’s quickly explain exactly what a virtual assistant is. A virtual assistant is an independent contractor who specializes in certain areas ranging from calendar management, bookkeeping, SEO, social media management, and more who provide these services from a remote location.

Businesses in particular have been hit the hardest with this transition. Many of those businesses do not really have the capacity to swiftly or smoothly make that transition. As businesses are making this shift, their needs are squaring exponentially. In most cases, the needs far outweigh the time or capacity business owners have to be able to cater to these rising needs.

The idea of having a virtual extension of themselves or their team seems very new, daunting, and quite frankly nerve racking! But the realization of the freedom a virtual assistant can bring back to you and your business or even personal life is one worth exploring. Let’s unpack exactly who can benefit from having a virtual assistant.

Short answer, everyone. Truly. Everyone who has responsibilities can benefit from having a virtual assistant.

Busy moms and dads who can’t seem to duplicate themselves to be able to not only work in their own businesses or careers but also take care of errands, manage the household budget, coordinate football, soccer and dance schedules, or call back the 13 people who have left them voicemails 4 days ago (or even 7 days ago).

Freelancers or independent contractors who have 8 side hustles and dozens of clients and can’t manage to keep up with their orders coming through or who can’t seem to stay on top of their calendar that more resembles a chaotic crime scene.

Business owners whether it be a brick and mortar, strictly online, or both! Those owner’s who seem to be wearing all of the hats. Juggling sales, marketing, orders, schedules, inventory, maintenance and everything in between.

Regardless of what it is you do in life, if you take inventory of all of the mundane, complicated, overwhelming tasks you have on your plate there is at least one item on that list that you can delegate to a virtual assistant.

Virtual assistants can have a vast scope of expertise, or only one specific skill that they excel in. There are so many talented and skilled VA’s out there, and they can absolutely help you gain you time, sanity and life back.

So to answer your question, any one who has a very full plate that could stand to gain a few more moments of their time back needs a virtual assistant.

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