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Scale your online presence and maintain a positive reputation! Leverage the power of AI to efficiently and effortlessly respond to online reviews.
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Your Reputation Is Our Top Priority

Reputation is one of the most valuable assets your company has. At The Sunset Ridge Group, we offer a comprehensive suite of tools to help you manage your online reputation and stay ahead of the competition. We manage all your reviews from one place, so you can easily monitor and respond to customer feedback.

Leveraging the power of AI and machine learning technology, we analyze customer sentiment, track trends, and provide valuable insights into your brand’s image. We ensure you make data-driven decisions, helping you improve your online reputation and attract new customers.

What to Expect

Review Monitoring

Monitor your online reputation like never before and respond quickly to reviews.

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We monitor your customer reviews from over 100 sites, including popular platforms such as Google, Yelp, Facebook, and TripAdvisor. Our review monitoring service is designed for single locations and brands, making it an ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses. We send you email alerts for each new review posted, enabling you to respond promptly to any concerns in real time. Additionally, we allow you to benchmark your performance against your competitors.

AI-powered Business Insights

Maximize your online presence and gain valuable insights with our powerful AI-driven review analysis.

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We help you harness the power of artificial intelligence to analyze online reviews and gain valuable insights into your customers’ feedback. Our analytics help you discover top trending keywords and topics in your customer reviews, allowing you to understand what matters most to your customers and adjust your business strategy accordingly. You can also see a timeline of notable moments in customer opinions, helping you identify key events and their impact on your business. We can drill down into specific reviews and give you a detailed understanding of customer experiences.

Respond Directly

Respond directly to your customer reviews with intelligent response suggestions and take control of your online reputation.

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We help streamline review responses and effectively manage your online reputation. Our intelligent response suggestions are based on your industry and customer feedback, making it easier for you to respond quickly and effectively to reviews. Our customizable review widget allows you to showcase your brand’s reviews uniquely and personally. You can customize the widget’s design to match your brand’s aesthetic. You can easily plug it into any website to show off your best reviews and improve your credibility.

Competitive Analysis

Compare your business’s reputation with that of industry leaders and gain valuable insights.

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We help you compare a search engines’ “Share of Voice” with top competitors, allowing you to identify areas where you can improve. Plus, we help you track social audience engagement across Facebook and Twitter over time. Our advanced analytics tool provides benchmarking against the industry average review ratings and listing accuracy. This feature enables businesses to see how their online reputation compares to the rest of the industry and identify areas where they need to improve to stay competitive.
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