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Transform your social media presence with our expert content creation, curation, and management services. Engage your audience and grow your brand today!
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Connect, Share, and Empower

Your company needs a social media management (SMM) system to keep up with ever-changing trends, engage with your current and potential clients, and showcase how your business can solve your customers’ problems.

Sunset Ridge’s Social Media Manager will help you by creating content calendars, providing written content, blog posts, and paid ads, developing a content strategy, and providing you with analysis and reporting so you can convert leads into sales.

What to Expect

Create Content Calendars

Your Social Media Manager will help you define your goals and perform an audit of your existing content.

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We find out what has best engaged with your target audience and what’s fallen short. We will use this information to plan the types of content you want to create and then how often that content should be posted.

Create Content

Your social media content needs to be tailored to your target market.The strategy needs to align with your brand so your company can engage with your followers.

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Flexibility will be your Social Media Manager’s superpower as we learn more about your audience and how effective your content is. We will research and curate your content, paying close attention to how your company can be a credible source of information and problem solutions. We will create visually-appealing content which is easy for the user to consume and provide a clear call to action.

Schedule Posts

There are many SMM tools available for scheduling posts in advance to go out through multiple platforms.

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Your Social Media Manager will be an expert in working with these tools, as well as working within individual social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, to know how to best schedule your posts. From timing to working with your content calendar, and keeping everything organized, leave this important task to the professional Social Media Manager.

Develop Strategy

We stay up-to-date on all the latest trends, changes to algorithms, newest features, and industry changes, so your social media strategy is effective for your business.

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Working with other teams in your organization, like marketing and customer service, will provide your social media manager with the ability to keep your brand voice consistent and utilize the best practices to engage with your followers.

Blogging Brilliance That Captures Your Audience's Attention

With the advent of the internet, consumers tend to rely heavily on online research before making purchasing decisions. As a result, businesses need to provide valuable information and insights to potential customers, and one of the best ways to do this is by publishing blogs. By creating high-quality blog posts, businesses can establish themselves as industry leaders and experts while providing their audience with the information they need to make informed buying decisions.

At The Sunset Ridge Group, we provide long-form content writing services that help businesses create captivating blog posts. Our team of expert writers creates fresh, informative, and engaging blogs that help businesses attract and retain website visitors. Additionally, we ensure that our blogs are SEO-friendly.

Below are some of the most popular blog types we have worked on, but we're always open to fulfilling any custom requirements you may have.

✓ Newsjacking
✓ Guest Blogging
✓ Industry Blogs
✓ Micro Blogs
✓ Blog Posts
✓ Long Form
✓ Pillar Posts
✓ Blog Management
✓ Power Blogs

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